Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Photographer Booked!

Rebecca-Linh Rodgers will be photographing the wedding ceremony and reception. Check out her website at:

Imagine yourself in her photos! (pretty soon, you will be)

Monday, February 15, 2010


These are the men who will do the manly parts of the wedding celebrations. It should be obvious that these are some of my greatest friends. Each one is a person whose presence will make this occasion all the more meaningful for me.

Will Swanson

Will is my younger brother, and he's bigger than I am. He's recently added ballet appreciation to his daily routine of running and reading German philosophy. Will lives in his bathrobe with me here in Philadelphia. He bakes great muffins and is on his way to a philosophy PhD program in the fall.

Colin Elliot

Colin makes films, speaks Japanese, lives in New York, and does other things. He has been known to be critical of brief biographies so I'll stop here.

Colin Bruce

Colin and I were roommates throughout college and have shared bedrooms in Scottsdale, Houston, Paris, Mexico, and across Europe. Colin is an accomplished pan-drummer. In ninja turtle terms, Colin is the Michaelangelo of this wedding party.

David Barr

David only wears pink, but he's making an exception for the wedding (probably). David has a commercial truck driving license of some sort. Ask him about it.

Jack Hagan

Jack lends his good looks to this operation as a favor to the bride. Jack, along with Augie and Max, is welcoming me into the family as his new uncle. Jack is known for his toasts and will likely be the life of this party.

John Peek

The other Jack is the proud father of Anna Riley pictured here. John and I like to play phone tag though I suspect it's usually my fault. He lives in Boston with his brilliant wife, Carey.

Ben Regnier

Ben was my first, and therefore, oldest friend from college. Ben and I shared (share?) a particular flavor of dorkiness. Bennys, as my cousin Jordan named him one summer, is the father of adorable twins, Paul and Amelia. We're hoping Paul and Amelia will be running around throughout the weekend, but I don't imagine Ben and Katy (his wonderful wife and another old friend) have the same dream.

James Daly

James is the first of Jean's siblings that I met. He was playing pool on the ground floor of the Daly lake-house when the crowd of Jean's college friends showed up. He was gracious and kept playing pool. James is a wealth of information (as is his equally encyclopedic wife, Liz). James and Liz live in New York and I'm looking forward to seeing them more often now that we're on the east coast, too.

Lane Gammill

Lane's devotion to his family is to be admired. While Jean and I were dating, the only thing I knew about Lane was that if I should hurt Jean in any way I would have Lane to answer to (see picture above). Gratefully, since that time I've met Lane and learned that he was mostly joking. I've come to know him as a generous and truly friendly person.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yvonne Washington and the Mix

It's time to put on your dancing shoes! We have booked our music for the afternoon reception, following the wedding ceremony. Yvonne Washington will be performing at the Garten Verein accompanied by her band, The Mix. Click here to hear some samples of her fabulous singing voice, and make sure to come prepared to dance!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Save the date!

When designing our Save the Date postcard, we wanted to give our guest something unique. We decided creating a custom image for the front of the card would allow us to share a hint of the party to come, and a bit of our own personal humor.

Tyler designed two custom rubber stamps for the front of the cards. The first stamp was a sketch of the Garten Verein, the venue where we will have our reception.

The second stamp is a bit of a play on words. Both of us have always been fans of a good pun, so Tyler dreamed up an idea of a hand placing a date, the dried fruit, into a small bank.

We ultimately stamped all the cards, and sent them out. Whichever stamp you happened to get, we hope all enjoyed the save the date. We are looking forward to seeing all our friends and family on the wedding day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Snowing in Philadelphia!

As some of you may have heard, recently it's been a bit stormy in Philadelphia. Being new to the northeast, and very much so entranced by the novelty of snow, I got out today and took some photos. Hopefully all our friends in Texas and California, and anywhere but here, will appreciate their warmer weather.

Looking east on Spruce Street. I was shocked to see a jogger running, I could barely walk on the slippery streets.

The View out the back window, looking onto the small street behind the apartment building.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here come the Bridal Party. . .

Samantha -
Maid of Honor

Samantha and I met when we were Juniors in High School, and have been friends since. Through many a phone call and visit (she came to see me in San Diego, Portland, and San Francisco, and I visited her in College Station and exotic Santa Fe, TX) we remained best of friends. Samantha now works for BP, and travels the world (first class, of course) She is the per
son I go to when I need to smile, and has kept me entertained always! Samantha is also the proud owner, dare I say mother?, of a very cute and lovable German Shepherd, Buddy.

Margaret -
Maid of Honor
Margaret, or as I sometimes call her M, and I met through a quilting group my sister Rose started. Margaret is an Art Librarian Extraordinaire, and always is a wealth of knowledge on all things artistic. M and I initially bonded over quilting, then found that we also shared a love for fashion, crafts, and Nancy Drew! When I need to lament of the injustices of the world, I give Margaret a ring, she's the voice of reason, and sound advice for me. Margaret works for the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and has a fabulous cat, named Miss Kitty.

Lucy- Bridesmaid
own here eating 7 layer bean dip and drinking a gypsy. Lucy is one of my oldest friends. Our older brothers were friends before we were born, so we suspect we met when we were only a few months old. Lucy and I continued through elementary and high school together, and then met up again last year, when both of us were living in San Francisco. Lucy designs the "grooms" (hair) for motion capture animated films, if you saw A Christmas Carol, the movie, you've seen her handiwork. I was so happy to have her in San Francisco, especially after Tyler left for Penn, there is nothing like having an old friend to hang out with (now I just need to convince her to move to Philadelphia!)

Hannah - Bridesmaid
Don't worry, she's not as ferocious as she looks!
Hannah and I met one day in the lobby of my apartment "The Barcelona" in Portland, OR. Hannah lived on the second floor, I was on the third. Both being new to Portland, the same age, and having common interests--such as: going out for brunch, dinner, and movies, and occasionally wearing funny hats--we spent a lot of time together.
My t
ime in Portland would have been totally different had I not had Hannah to hang out with. We enjoyed many a night watching the OC with friends, dressing up as Harry Potter to go to a book release, and counting and cataloging the bridges of Portland. Hannah still lives in Portland, and enjoys the exciting life of an accountant!

Katy - Bridesmaid
Katy, shown here with Baby Paul, is partially responsible for this day happening. After 2 years of writing e-mails and a couple of phone calls, Tyler and I met up again at the wedding of Katy and her husband Ben. After the wedding, the e-mails and phone calls increased, until Tyler came to visit Houston in the Fall, and then I visited San Francisco, that New Year's eve. The rest is history
, but who knows what may have happened if we had not been assigned to sit with each other the night of Katy and Ben's wedding.

Some information on Katy: Katy was one of my first friends at Rice. We were lab partners in the f
irst semester of Physics, rowers for the Rice Crew team, vegetarians, and architecture students. With so much in common, we spent a lot of time together. Katy is now the mother of two beautiful twin toddlers and is also a wedding photographer in Southern California.

Eve - House Party
Evie is the eldest of my three sisters, and some how the one with the most energy. This may be due to her daily trips to Starbucks to order a water-less Venti Chai, or due to her general love of life. She loves furniture, the zodiac, and dog watching. If I ever had to be in a car for a long road trip, I would want Eve by my side. She is a calm collected driver, and always makes the best conversation.

Anne - House Party
Annie is the third eldest in the family, and married to a triathlete who dabbles in law, Matt Hagan. She is the mother of three BEAUTIFUL boys, her youngest Max is shown here. Annie has an array of talents besides being a great mom. She loves to cook, paint, volunteer, and in her free time she is an engineer for the rail road on the Island of Sodor. She also has a vast amount of knowledge of the roads from Austin to Houston, and can recommend the best places to stop for Kolaches or Dr. Pepper with cane sugar. If you are heading that way after the wedding, you should ask her for some travel tips.

Rose - House Party
Rosie is two years older than I, and my role model throughout high school. In college we went our separate ways, and that led Rose to work in the Guggenheim in Venice, live on an organic Italian farm, and make a pilgrimage across northern Spain. She has a passion for art, art history, and is pursuing her Master's degree in art conservation. Rose now lives in Wilmington, DE and is a short drive away from me. We have enjoyed many a trip to IKEA and dinners out for Pho since I moved here, and I am so happy to have her close by!

Tara - House Party
Tara was a fellow architecture student and rower at Rice. While studying architecture, we often worked as a pair, which led to many adventures. Our reports on Philip Johnson would not only involve trips to the library, but road trips to Fort Worth to see his work in person. Tara moved to San Francisco the summer after I did, and initiated our Thursday night ritual, Trivia. The two of us had fun exploring San Francisco and sampling the local taquerias and tiki bars. Tara lives in North Beach with her husband Chris.